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The Badlees Interviewed on WISL-FM May 4th 1994

  • August 27, 2014
The Badlees circa 1994 (courtesy of The Badlees' Manager Chris Fetchko)

The Badlees circa 1994 (courtesy of The Badlees’ Manager Chris Fetchko)

The Badlees were perhaps one of the most successful rock bands to come from Central Pennsylvania in the early to mid 1990’s. The band officially formed in 1990. Their debut EP “It Ain’t For You” had received critical acclaim in Billboard Magazine and The Album Network. The positive response to their initial commercial offering awarded them a chance to open for the Band Firehouse at an appearance in Harrisburg. In 1992 the bands first full length album was released entitled “Diamonds in the Coal.” Their commercial peak came in 1995 when the band signed with A&M Record’s Polydor/Atlas label. Their album “River Songs” produced two singles that climbed the charts, “Fear of Falling” a song tapped by NBC a year later for use in their coverage of the 1996 Olympics and “Angeline Is Coming Home” which broke the top-30 that same year.

The band was set to release a follow-up LP in 1997, however a delay by the record label put the tentative release date to sometime in 1998. In May of that year, A&M records was sold and the release was put on hold indefinitely, pushing the band to pursue the independent route once again. While they never hit the Top-40 after this, the band still continued to produce and tour. Their most recent release was in the Fall of 2013, a 21 song, double-album entitled “Epiphones and Empty Rooms.” To learn more about The Badlees visit their official website HERE.

Back to 1994. The Badlees were local favorites, packing every bar and club they played and quickly gaining attention on the national scene. A tour was in the works through a sponsorship from Budweiser and lead signer Pete Palladino was on the new 95.3 WISL-FM promoting the band.

WSPI "Spy 95.3" Logo

WSPI “Spy 95.3” Logo

This was a transitional time for the 95.3 FM frequency. The station originally came online at WISL-FM in the late 1960’s and mainly simulcast WISL-AM throughout the 1970’s. When Radio Anthracite, WISL’s parent company was sold, WISL-FM was split off and became WSPI, branded as “Spy 95.3.” The station’s format was Top-40 with a heavy helping of current rock. Many local acts found exposure on this station, and through the 80’s bands such as Hybrid Ice, Harpo and Youth In Asia became local legends. Sometime between 1993 and 1994 the station was again sold, and reunited with it’s former sister station WISL. The rock continued for a little while before being dumped for Oldies by the mid 1990’s.

Here is a rare glimpse into that transitional period of WISL-FM. From May 4th 1994 here is “Spy 95.3” veteran Courtney Roberts interviewing Pete Palladino of The Badlees.


Courtney Roberts Interviews Pete Palladino of The Badlees on WISL-FM (May 4th 1994)

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