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  • May 1, 2014
Tom Kutza in the WISL Control Room in the early 1960's

Tom Kutza in the WISL Control Room in the early 1960’s

WISL radio signed on as Shamokin’s first radio station in 1948 from studios located in the Lark Building at the corner of Rock and Sunbury Streets in the city. Outfitted with the latest RCA broadcast equipment, WISL brought news, weather, sports, music and more to the residents of Shamokin and the surrounding areas. If you grew up in Shamokin, it’s a safe bet that WISL touched your life in some way. Maybe you remember listening to Polkas on Sunday Afternoon after mass, or waiting to hear if Tom Kutza was going to read your school’s name, letting you know that class had been canceled. That’s a very young Kutza sitting behind the control board in the early 1960’s. You have to wonder if that boy from Mount Carmel had any idea the legacy he would create sitting behind that microphone…

Through it’s 53 years on the air, WISL became a part of the family, a trusted friend, and simply a part of what it meant to be home to the People of Shamokin.

For well over the past decade, we have been uncovering, collecting and salvaging the history of this radio station. You may have seen our display at the Anthracite Heritage Festival, where many of these items are put on display. (We will have some pictures of our past displays added in the near future) With the help of some great people both near and far from Shamokin, we have been able to find a lot of the missing pieces that help to tell this story. In this site you will find pictures, videos, audio and more and as many of the stories behind them as we can put together. Our hope here is that more of the history of this radio station will be uncovered. Comments are open on all posts and we encourage you to share your thoughts and memories. We also have the ability to digitally convert everything from pictures, slides, audio tapes of all formats and records, so that their contents may be shared with a new generation. If you or anyone you know has anything that could add to the WISL story please contact us at info@wisl1480.com we would love to hear from you!

So please make us a regular stop on your travels of the world wide web, we have many great memories and surprises in store!

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