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Fuhrmann & Schmidt Radio Commercials from 1956

  • May 3, 2014
Fuhrmann & Schmidt Cold Storage & Bottling House

Fuhrmann & Schmidt Cold Storage & Bottling House

The Furhmann & Schmidt Brewing Company was formed in 1906, operating from a facility located at Commerce and Washington Streets in Shamokin. Known as simply F&S, They produced a variety of brews that could be found in tap rooms all over the city. Although the brewery closed in 1975, the memory is still very much alive. If you would like to learn more about the rich history of Furhmann & Schmidt, Larry Deklinski, Staff Writer for the News Item, published an amazing history of F&S. CLICK HERE to for the News Item Article.

F&S Half and Half with Sealed-Ageing Advertising Signage

F&S Half and Half with Sealed-Ageing Advertising Signage

Business was booming by the 1950’s and F&S began an eight year expansion program, ending in 1954 with a new bottling shop, garage and offices. To promote these enhancements a new advertising campaign was developed touting the “Sealed-Ageing Process.” The commercials presented here are part of that advertising campaign, and aired on WISL in 1956. These commercials were uncovered in 2005 when Dr. Edward Twigger, owner of the Lark Building, permitted us to remove the contents of the former WISL Studios. These original acetate discs were found in the record library in a section labeled “Tom’s Box.” We subsequently had these discs sent to Evergreen Computer Services to have them professionally transferred to digital.

Below are the actual discs these commercials were pulled from…

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Audio Exhibits

F&S Jingle (Full Sing)

F&S Jingle (Open End)

F&S Jingle (End Tag)

“Have You Tasted The New Sealed-Ageing” – Male

“More and More People Are Tasting” – Male

“What A Difference Sealed-Ageing Makes” – Male

“There’s Nothing Else Like F&S” – Male

“One of the Thousands That Cheer” – Male

“Taste For Yourself the Difference” – Male

“Try A Bottle Today” – Male

“Exciting New Taste” – Male

“Shopping Reminder” – Female

“Serve F&S at Dinner” – Female

“Do Your Husband A Favor” – Female

“When Friends Drop In” – Female

“When the Roast is in the Oven” – Female


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