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Classic WISL jingles 1950’s vintage

  • May 2, 2014

If you’ve listened to the live stream at WISL1480.com, you are probably familiar with the classic jingles presented in the oldies format. It’s hard to believe, but these jingles never aired on the original WISL. These jingles are actually edits, and were created using different vintage jingle packages from WFIL in Philadelphia and WISM in Madison, Wisconsin, giving us the necessary parts for a natural sounding WIS-L sing.

Jingles were a major part of radio programming from the 50’s through the 70’s. These “little songs” created a custom brand for the station and helped keep continuity between songs and programming elements. WISL had a number of packages over the years, each changing with the times. In this post we have the opportunity to hear what might have been the first WISL jingle package ever created. We know very little about these jingles. They were given to us by Tom Kutza. Tom had dubbed them to a cassette years ago, and can only recall that they were not in use when he began working there in 1960. So, if you recognize these jingles, we would love to know what you know. Share your memories with us.

“How’d You Get So Lucky?” Jingle

“The Voice of Information” Jingle

“In The Know” Jingle

“It’s Time For Your Favorite Music” Jingle

“Here’s the Latest News” Jingle

“It’s Time for the Weather Report” Jingle

“WISL – Time and Temperature” Jingle

“Sports Scoreboard” Jingle

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